Life is Good

Tip: Soft tops must be re-installed on the Jeep at temperatures ABOVE 70, should be done during DAYLIGHT hours, and should be done well in advance of the the APPROACHING RAIN. ’nuff said.

Tip: It can take a long time to fully configure a Windows server to be ready for deployment. You can do the same with Ubuntu Linux Server in under half an hour: a Good Thing when you have to deploy 20 virtual Windows desktops on a server by next Wednesday. No weekend work for me!

Otherwise… I’m working to make the perfect Vesper, I ran 5 miles today, we went shopping and bought an ice cream maker attachment for our KitchenAid mixer (the ONE tool we should have bought for the kitchen years and years ago). Elizabeth is making Desdemona’s brownies for a gathering of the neighbors tomorrow, so the house smells like a fantasy bakery.

It was a Good Day.

Tuesday is Laser Etching/Cutting at TechShop. Things just keep getting better!

New Soft Top for Desdemona

Time to break out the summer clothes and get ready for the beach! Desi is now dressed appropriately in her new soft top.


The instructions suggest that it takes about an hour to install… yeah, right. Of course, it might if (a) they used “passenger side” and “driver side” rather than left and right and (b) the parts in the diagrams looked like the parts in the box.

Our Living Room (Before and After)

If you didn’t already know, some time back Cali ate our sofa. Finally, it’s out with the old, in with the new.

Yesterday the guys from 1-800-Got-Junk came out and removed our old monster of a sofa (or what remained of it). I recommend them highly — professional, hard-working friendly.

Here’s the old:

Mmm... sofa. Nom nom nom...

Mmm... sofa. Nom nom nom...

This morning Home Comfort delivered our new sofa and loveseat — the first real furniture we’ve purchased in a very, very long time.

Here’s the new:

What a difference!

What a difference!

The yellow ottoman in the middle is simply a placeholder for a future coffee table. In any case, it’s a big difference!

Winding Down

It’s the end of our last evening of this trip her in NYC. We’re all tired tonight but revitalized in the greater sense in mind and spirit (body will have to wait until we get away from the many temptations of this city).

I’m returning with a whole list of ideas for fresh projects to explore – some sooner, some later.

For now, though, my rather steampunk chronograph informs me that now it is time to retire for the evening, so I leave you with this image of Times Square.

The Vesper

We’re out at Vintage in NYC where I am sipping on a Vesper — a.k.a. the James Bond Martini. It’s one of the best and most gentlemanly drinks I have ever encountered.

The origin of the Vesper is the 1953 novel Casino Royale in which Bond explicitly describes the drink to his waiter. What a perfect drink!

New York Doesn’t Slow Down Due to Rain

It’s been a very rainy day in the Big Apple today, but the city doesn’t seem to notice one bit. The streets and stores are packed with people looking their fashionable best. Back home a rainy day seems to be an excuse for wearing your rattiest sweats and hunkering down.

Today had mostly been a shopping day. I’m particularly keen to clear out half my closet — it’s full of worn-out, outdated, and ill-fitting clothes (some of which are about as old as my teenage daughter).

We’ll head back out later tonight to find a restaurant showing the game. GO HEELS!!!

Collect the Whole Set

Cleopatra’s Needle: the oldest man-made object in Central Park.

I’d previously seen the ones in Paris and London but did not realize one was right here. I guess I should now visit the one still in Egypt.

Traveling Light

Just landed in New York where we’ve brought no laptops for the first time on years. iPhones only.

Mine’s loaded with everything I think I might need. We’ll see how well it works.

Note: this is my fifth attempt to post this due to a bug on the WordPress app. Inauspicious start!