Spock at 42?

I’m 42 today! Funny, but aren’t I supposed to have all the answers at 42? Maybe I just don’t know the question…

We saw Star Trek today. I really wanted it to be good, but I had strong reservations. Wow. It really is good. Nice job.

The two of those two things together leads me to an interesting observation…

When I first watched Star Trek as a kid I wanted to be Mr. Spock. Funny thing… I grew up and found that I’m really a Scotty. Works out OK… I’m much happier doing engineering than science.

Speaking of which, I’m taking tomorrow off and heading out to Tech Shop for a little quality time with the Epilog Laser Etcher. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Spock at 42?

  1. Happy belated birthday (yesterday)! Forty-two is such a fun age as you are the Ultimate Answer.

    We’re so eager to see Star Trek. This weekend for sure. That reminds me, got to call the babysitter.

    Hope you are having fun at the Tech Shop right now!

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