Back in the States

We returned from Ireland a few days ago — I do believe it would be a nice place to live for a while. The Irish are incredibly helpful, friendly, and people-focused. It’s an amazingly cool place.

What wasn’t so cool was the horrific stomach flu we caught. We’re still recovering a week later! Here’s my question:

Did we catch it from the Blarney Stone or deposit it there?

2 thoughts on “Back in the States

  1. The news about the bacteria on the Blarney Stone was just making the rounds when you guys were in Ireland. When did you hear about it, before or after your visit?

    • I heard about afterwards, but I thought about it before!

      Even if that’s where we caught it, it was worth it. Kissing the Blarney Stone is one of those “Life’s To-Do List” items. Sometimes you have to take a chance to live a little.

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