Quick Start Guide for the Uniden BC72XLT Emergency Scanner

We bought ourselves an emergency scanner for Christmas this year as well as one of each of our dad’s.  It’s a great little gadget (and serves a a BIG reminder of how great the little town in which we live is!)  However, the manual is a bit lacking.  So… to help our dads get their scanners set up and to clarify for others that may be Googling for help, here’s a quick and dirty little cheat sheet:

Find Your Local Frequencies

http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/  Everything you need to get a list of frequencies in your area.  You can use this unit to hear transmissions up to around 512MHz, so don’t bother with any above that if someone uses them in your area.  Most local police, fire and EMS are well below that, however.

Turn on the scanner

Turn the knobs on the top all the way down (counter-clockwise). Press and hold the power button on the front for about 2 seconds to power it up.  Turn up the volume until you hear hissing.  Turn the squelch knob up until the hissing just stops.  This is to eliminate background noise.

Store Your Local Frequencies

You can store up to 100 channels in memory.  This will let us scan over just the frequencies in use rather than every single one (which takes a long time and would cause us to miss real broadcasts).  Repeat the following process for each frequency you wish to store.  Start with channel 1:

  1. Press the Hold button.
  2. Enter the channel where you want to store the frequency.
  3. Press the Func button.
  4. Press the “E” button.
  5. Enter the frequency with the number keys and decimal point.  Just enter the first 3 decimal places — additional decimal places get dropped.  Example: 453.65000 should be entered as just 453.650.
  6. Press the “E” button (enter).
If you entered an invalid frequency you’ll get some beeps and an “Error” message.  Just try again.  Things REALLY screwy?  Power off, power on and start fresh!
To scan over your saved frequencies, you can now just hit “Scan”.  Later, if you have stored a BUNCH of frequencies but only want to scan over a few, you can turn saved “banks” of channels on and off while scanning just but pushing the number of the bank you want to turn on or off.  The currently active banks are listed across the top of your screen.
That’s as much as you need to get started.  The scanner has many more features, but this is plenty to get you listening on the frequencies that are active in your area.  Enjoy!

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