Year of the Maker: Week Two in Review

Week 2 — the week that success was elusive. However, it wasn’t without value.

I spent some time working to bring Maker Faire: NC email addresses with the domain. I didn’t set up the domain registration or the website, so it felt good to sort it all out to get it working with Google Apps. So now I have *another* email address:, where you can reach me if you are interested in being an exhibitor at Maker Faire: NC this June. Sweet!

Meanwhile, I spent much of my own maker-time cutting tiny squares. Well, TRYING to cut tiny squares. My laser makes quick work of 1/4-inch plywood, but 1/4-inch MDF (medium-density fiberboard) is a nightmare. I cleaned optics, I aligned optics, I ran a gazillion variations on power and speed. Bottom line: not gonna happen. Still, I improved my expertise with my laser, so it’s not all bad.


Since we were doing a college tour with my daughter this weekend at Clemson, that’s pretty-well wiped out my weekend. I’ll have to say that the Mathematical Sciences department there managed to impress me.

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