Year of the Maker: Week Six in Review

Wow… I forgot to post my Week Six update! Well, it wasn’t that productive of a Maker week, so maybe that’s my excuse. I did get some Maker Faire: NC work done. Outside of that, not so much in the “real world”. I did, however, do a bit of JavaScript study, which resulted in a calculator-style input screen for the home finance system we use that makes it easier to use on an iPhone. It looks like this:

and, YES, I do see that it needs a bit more work!  Something in my last tweak moved the digits higher up the page than the decimal point.  There’s a fair amount of CSS, JavaScript AND php in that, so it did take a bit of work.  In any case, it’s been a good learning experience *and* should make entering our spending much easier than the iPhone keyboard.

My next post should show a more productive week (my Makerbot is churning away even as I write this!).

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