Headlight Restoration

It’s clear that my Boxster had a headlight replaced before I bought it. Unfortunately, that’s because the one that wasn’t replaced has become cloudy. I considered replacing the cloudy one, but then found out that my car has the premium light package and the xenon headlights are over $1200 each.

OK… not going to be doing that. Instead, I spent about 1% of that on a lens restoration kit from 3M. It’s a series of sanding disks and polish that you attach to an electric drill to remove the outer layer of the lens and then polish it clear again. I was a bit nervous about taking sandpaper to a $1200 part, but hey… you only learn by giving yourself permission to make mistakes. Fortunately, the process turned out to be really easy. 3M’s kit is very complete and has excellent instructions — you can even go online to see a how-to video.

Here’s the before and after:

And after…

I may do a second polishing on it since I think I could still improve it slightly, but I’m not sure. I can still see a slight difference between the two headlights, but it’s now very subtle instead of “one clear – one cloudy”. For under $20, I’d highly recommend 3M’s kits to anyone that wants to fits cloudy headlights.

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