Maker Faire North Carolina

MakerFaireNorthCarolinaI Believe in Our Future

Maker Faire North Carolina is a celebration of all things Do-It-Yourself. We hope to inspire and teach so that people want to Make rather than simply consume.  We feature traditional skills like weaving, smithing, homebrewing and beekeeping.  We showcase “fun” skills like costume and prop production.  We highlight the cutting edge of DIY culture with lasers, flying machines, high altitude balloon launches and 3D printers.  It’s a bit of EVERYTHING, but it’s all meant to “wow” while also getting people to realize “Hey! I can do that!!!”.

I volunteer as our Maker Coordinator.  Maker Faire North Carolina will be held June 7th this year at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds. This is my third faire as Maker Coordinator while the Faire will be celebrating its fifth year by doubling in size to about 50,000 square feet of awesome!